About Passion Print


Passion Print saves you time, money, and aggravation.

We have had over 25 years of experience in the printing industry overseeing a variety of projects from inception to finished piece. Some of these have included short run digitally printed invitations and flyers, mid size sheet-fed brochures, long run web printed catalogs, including large format banners and signs for trade shows, and customized work for artists.

Whether your project is small or large we’ll recommend the appropriate printing method and choose the right equipment that best suits the project at an affordable price.



There have been many changes in the printing industry within the last few decades. Technology has given us many more choices and has streamlined the printing process. If you have ever had to get a marketing piece printed you know how difficult it is to do this successfully while juggling all of your other job responsibilities. 
Choosing Passion Print as your print manager ensures that your projects will accurately represent your company and its brand messaging with a finished product you can be proud of every time.

Fay Senner founded Passion Print in 1998. Fay brings more than two decades of experience working in the print industry to the quality and service of each project she manages.

Passion Print’s strength is in the service they provide to the customer. By not being tied to any particular piece of printing equipment, she has developed long standing partnerships with various printers, binderies and mail houses within New England to bring you the best they have to offer.

Fay also has a “passion for art.”  As a working artist herself she understands the unique needs of the artist when it comes to reproducing the work through commercial print methods.  She brings a discerning eye to the process in helping choose the correct choice of color, weight, and texture of paper for a project. Or exposing her customers to new products, printing technologies and creative ideas.

” Our customers know that we understand the intricacies of their jobs and will communicate their needs accurately.  We do what our clients would do if they had the time and the expertise to manage their projects to completion with the singular focus that this process requires.”
“One thing I know for certain…my interest in the various processes of printing an image on paper (or on any other substrate for that matter) has not faded over the years. My passion is sparked each time my expertise meets the creative aspect of the work and helps make your print project a reality.”
Please contact me for the opportunity to quote your next print project. I will do my best to demonstrate to you that you made the right decision.
“Purposeful action requires clear intentions…behind every professional mission there is a personal purpose.”

– Lori Deschene